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Your MRO warehouse will benefit from the warehousing BP

Pragma Products is making good inroads into formalising Pragma’s
original methodology and 20 years of experience in Physical Asset
Management into business processes (BPs).

The sixth and latest business process is Warehousing which was released
in December 2009. The purpose of this business process is to administer
and control a warehouse of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)
items and manage all the related transactions. In addition to the MRO
items, personal protective gear and jigs that are used for the
production of parts are included.

Warehousing is a critical area where Asset Management efficiency is
increased through effective cost savings, good housekeeping practices
and support to technical departments.

What is the essence of the Warehousing BP?
The Warehousing business process aims to clean up and reorganise the MRO
warehouse. Material master data consisting of MRO stock and non-stock
items is collected and configured in On Key. New standards and
procedures are developed to ensure sustainable warehouse operations and
efficient stock control. After implementation, MRO item transactions are
managed on a continuous basis by adhering to the implemented standards
and procedures.
I am very easy-going as I am always looking at solving problems instead
of worrying about them.

The scope of Warehousing includes:

  • cleaning and reorganisation of the MRO warehouse;
  • developing the Client’s MRO warehousing standards;
  • identifying all MRO stock and non-stock items to be included in the material master;
  • configuring the material master;
  • implementing basic purchasing guidelines for the client without a formal procurement process;
  • receiving, inspecting and binning all MRO item deliveries;
  • issuing of requested MRO items to work teams and artisans;
  • receiving of returned, unused MRO items from work teams and artisans; and
  • stocktaking and reconciliation of MRO items in the warehouse.

To further complement the business process, Pragma has developed
comprehensive guidelines with best practices on store layout which we
provide to the client before implementation. If a client intends to
apply any changes according to the guidelines, they are responsible for
implementing these themselves.

Warehousing is supported by the On Key Materials Manager Module and
operates closely with the Work Planning and Control business process.

The list of completed business processes includes:

  • Asset Care Centre Foundations
  • Asset Management Improvement Planning
  • Asset Register Administration
  • Asset Identification and Verification
  • Work Planning and Control
  • Warehousing.

Visit the Pragma website to view the full range of business processes to be developed. 

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